How to choose the right architecture for your organization (microservices) 


Microservice architectures should be evolutionary. Because they are by goal defined by an ability to change rapidly, the approach to building a system develops over many iterations. It is relatively uncommon in most organizations to have the luxury of implementing a microservices architecture from the ground up (and many consider it an anti-pattern to do so), and as such there will usually be a continuum of architectures, patterns, and technologies in play based on maturity, need and timing.

Some of this is driven by a team’s ability to absorb change, some of it depends on setting up enabling infrastructure, and some of it depends on organizational change and restructuring teams (for example, around DevOps practices). The ability to focus on what can be done right now while enabling teams to keep evolving towards a more productive state is one of the key strengths of microservice architectures.

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