CTA_alfresco_rm_whitepaper_smallImportance of Records Management within a Governance, Retention and Compliance Strategy 

Discover how an Open Source Records Management solution can help to ensure compliance with corporate Governance, Retention and Compliance procedures.

Key findings from a recent survey carried out by AIIM (see www.aiim.org) found that:

  • 71% of organizations have a procedure for legal hold of paper records in the event of litigation, but only 57% have one for electronic records.
  • Of those organizations with no ECM/ERM system, 60% would not be confident, if challenged, that their electronic records have not been changed, deleted or inappropriately accessed.
  • 38% of those polled admit that there is little or no enforcement of their RM policies. And 55% set no guidance on dealing with important emails as records.

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