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CTA_hs_white_devops_guide.jpgAre you Devops ready? The comprehensive guide

The digitalisation will require a decreased ”Time-to-market” for new ideas. IT turnaround on deliveries will have to go from months to days and if IT can’t adopt, business will look for other solutions. 

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Whitepaper Affärsvärdet av integrationer

The business value of integration (SWE)

The state of digitalisation, integration, DevOps and automation in the Nordic countries, and a comparison with North America. Differences in focus areas are indentified, for instance the Nordic countries prioritise efficiency and cost reduction where companies and organisations in North America have new business opportunities as their top priority.

 CTA_hs_Forrester_whitepaper_white_original.jpgBusiness and Technology Leadership in a Post-Digital Era

Emerging technologies continue to reshape market dynamics, and your business needs agility to remain competitive. New market differentiators set the future digital predators apart across all markets. Customer- obsessed firms exhibit greater business agility in service of customers; they focus on using emerging technology to create new sources of value for their customers; and they are reshaping their operations around customer journeys. To succeed, you must help transform your business to become customer-obsessed and fundamentally digital. Download now



API Ready E-book 

Successful development and maintenance of your APIs creates new business opportunities, if you fail you may be left behind. API and connectivity are key factors to drive the digital enterprise. APIs enable a connected business and generate new business opportunities. APIs give you access to IoT.



Make the organizations internal and external information available
in order to increase transparence, beneficence and speed of interaction internally, with customers and other organizations. This must happen within an ecosystem that is capable of delivering IT solutions in an ever increasing speed. 

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Everything today is consumer-driven be it a customer or a consumer group; therefore, enterprises are faced with a barrage of challenges in fully meeting customers’ requirements. This white paper will give you a recap of what shadow IT really means followed by a reference architecture that’s needed for an enterprise to move from shadow IT to empowered IT.

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Enterprises today are faced with a dramatic challenge; there are billions of people connected to the Internet, they are using millions of applications, and the number of connected devices continues to soar. The real challenge is to ensure all of these are useful and productive for an organization or an individual. 

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CTA_hs_value_it_automation_puppet_wp.jpg9 (+1) ways IT automation will make your organization more successfull

We all know IT automation is a time saver. Virtually all sysadmins write scripts to automate some of the most frequent and repetitive tasks they’re responsible for. But IT automation — the kind that’s not done by writing one-off scripts, but by using declarative, idempotent code — can measurably improve IT operations workflow and IT’s contribution to the business, far beyond speeding up the performance of repetitive tasks.

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CTA_hs_high_performance_it_teams_puppet_wp.jpgHow to build a high performing IT team

DevOps cuts deep and wide through industries, company sizes, and technology envi- ronments. Nevertheless, there’s a common refrain from IT managers who are leading successful DevOps transformations within their organizations: DevOps is about continual learning and improvement rather than an end state.

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Automated Configuration Management

Configuration management is a critical cornerstone of IT automation, providing tools that allow you to centrally manage the packages, configuration files, process state, firewall rules and other settings that equip servers to do their assigned jobs.

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CTA_hs_surevey_knowledge_worker_Alfresco_wp.jpgCollaborations, trends and technology - a survey of knowledge workers

Today’s most productive knowledge workers — business professionals who are contributing, sharing insight and experiences, participating in decision making, and influencing change — are a company’s true competitive advantage.

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API Ready Guide

API and connectivity will be key factors to drive the digital enterprise. APIs will enable a connected business and generate new business opportunities. APIs will give you access to IoT. Successful development and maintenance of your APIs will create new business opportunities, if you fail you may be left behind. So the question is - are you API ready?

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CTA_hs_mod_ECM_alfresco_whitepaperModernization of ECM

You wouldn't store your documents on a floppy disk. Why are you relying on an equally antiquated ECM system? It’s time to modernize your ECM system.

You wouldn’t ask your employees to store data on antiquated disks, so don’t ask them to rely on an enterprise content management system that was created in the dark ages. Download now.


CTA_hs_alfresco_checklist7 tips for smarter document management 

How much do you waste on recreating and searching for existing material? IDC's study in which they investigated the 'knowledge worker shortfall', drew the conclusion that the cost of intellectual revision and difficulties finding knowledge-based resources was 5 000 dollars per year and employee.

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CTA_hs_OS_myths_top_list_engMyths, Open Source and the journey to getting it right - Debunking 10 misconceptions about Open Source. 

We like to challenge the ideas and opinions regarding Open Source Software. Open Source grows quickly and studies like The Future of Open Source 2015 by Black Duck shows that 78% of the respondents believed their companies to run part or all of its operations on Open Source Software. That’s a lot of Open Source. Download now. 




The Importance of Records Management within a Governance, Retention and Compliance Strategy 

Discover how an Open Source Records Management solution can help to ensure compliance with corporate Governance, Retention and Compliance procedures.

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CTA_hs__varnish_high_cost_white.jpgWhy performance matters

Looking at the most successful Internet companies can inspire others.There are two important factors that all of these companies are mindful of and account for in their websites: Internet technologies and business models are constantly changing and need flexible, forward-compatible technologies that are easy to scale and integrate.

Users expect websites and web applications to be fast and reliable, otherwise they will look for other alternatives that are just a mouse-click away. Download now



API Management Platform Technical Evaluation Framework 

This white paper will describe innovative digital business goals, outline transformative API oriented IT initiatives, and present API management platform requirement categories. A companion evaluation matrix spreadsheet details hundreds of evaluation criteria that you may use to score vendor platforms. Download now


CTA_hs_wso2_avoid_vendor_lock_in_checklistCloud Implementation Checklist: Avoiding Lock-In

This paper presents a checklist enumerating some of the important aspects of lock-in that IT professionals would be well advised to consider when making technology selections, especially in the new domain of cloud technologies.

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The Evolution of Integration: A Comprehensive Platform for a Connected Business

Today, successful enterprises rely heavily on underlying software applications. To meet prevalent diverse business requirements, enterprises have to pick and choose different software applications that have been created with disparate technologies and built by different vendors. When the enterprise needs to fulfil a given set of business requirements, most often they have to make these disparate software applications work together to produce a unified set of functionality. The task of plumbing different software applications and forming new software solutions is referred to as ‘enterprise integration’. Download now.



Top 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments

In this paper we’ll discuss how enterprises can connect legacy systems to the cloud to create a hybrid ecosystem. We’ll learn how solutions like enterprise service buses (ESB), integration platforms as a service (iPaaS), and modern middleware can address both the integration challenges of the present and help IT executives futureproof their companies. The best practices covered in this paper will help businesses with both evaluation and implementation of a successful hybrid integration strategy. Download now



Evolution of SOA

Since it first emerged more than a decade ago, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been both widely praised as a modern and agile approach to software development and infrastructure architecture and dismissed as a colossal waste of time and money. Missed expectations for many SOA projects led one analyst in 2009 to declare, “SOA is dead.” Far from being dead, however, service oriented architecture is in fact more relevant than ever. Download now



Government IT in an Era of Austerity

To achieve efficiencies in today’s turbulent economic climate, government entities need to integrate legacy applications with modern systems and web services. Orchestration between multiple systems across various departments and municipalities is needed to deliver quality public services. At the same time, public sector agencies face aggressive timelines and budget constraints, changing constituent needs, and open source policies. Learn how utilizing a lightweight, standalone Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables government entities to meet these key challenges and deliver vital public goods while cutting costs. Download now


Increasing E-commerce Agility

In the fast-­moving e-­commerce marketplace firms are increasingly participating in more complex multi-­partner value chains. As they do so they must build the agility to adapt to ever-­changing market conditions, new entrants and emerging business models while maintaining cost competitiveness and reacting to high levels of staffing churn. To deliver on this imperative, firms must continuously build, maintain and update complex integration applications that pull together CRM, ERP, custom apps, partners and suppliers amongst others. Learn how a lightweight, standalone Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) lays the foundation for e-­‐commerce software infrastructure and a series of best practices from market leaders who have built such infrastructures. Download now



Secrets of a Great API

APIs are not new. They’ve served as interfaces that enable applications to communicate with each other for decades. But the role of APIs has changed dramatically in the last few years. Innovative companies have discovered that APIs can be used as an interface to the business, allowing them to monetize digital assets, extend their value proposition with partner-delivered capabilities, and connect to customers across channels and devices. Download now