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Nordic Open Source newsletter on digital transformation, February 2019

Data literacy, integration agility & FOSDEM

Together with Radar Ecosystem Specialists and Red Hat we have produced a report called -
The second wave of digital transformation - cultural and organisational challenges. F
rom the executive summary: "The overwhelming majority have invested in digital transformation in order to create new opportunities, increasing efficiency and/or meet the threat from new disruptive organisations". The entire report will be at your disposal shortly. 

More than 500 registrants, 45 minutes of interesting talks and 3 competent speakers. Did you miss the webinar "Digital transformation or the power of culture"? Do not despair - here you can find an on-demand version.

Have you register for Nordic PGDay the 19th of March in Copenhagen yet? If not, here is the page to visit

Would you rather read in-depth tech-stuff? Visit our tech-blog, with posts written by our
experienced techies. 

Discussing APIs & eco systems with Mrs Evan├žs

It is not just question for IT departments or management teams, we are all affected by the digital transformation.
All ages, all industries, all roles. This is why we all need to educate ourselves, and get a bit more data literate. Read more

Becoming integration agile

More and more organisations have adopted APIs as a major part of their integration platform. Integration is becoming an increasingly bigger part of the software development process, some studies show that over 50% of development efforts will be integration related in 2020. Read more


It is big, really big!
This year a couple of our competent consultants visited FOSDEM, in Brussels. One of them took the time to write an article with his first impressions of the event.