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Nordic Open Source newsletter on digital transformation, May 2019

An organisation in crisis, digital innovation and are you digital ready? 

The first wave of digital transformation has passed in many organisations and it is now time for the second wave of digital transformation. This will mean cultural and organisational changes creating a more open and innovative climate, based on accessibility of data and a decentralised way of working. Below we have gathered a few articles on the subject.

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The organisational crisis

We have seen how the digital transformation has made organisations more aware that data is an important asset and moving focus from systems and application to core value of data. What does that mean?

Are you digital ready?

Over the past years there has been a lot of talk about digital transformation. If you are in the IT industry it would have been impossible to miss this and a lot of money has also been invested in technology and projects to ”digitally transform” various businesses. Read more

4 pillars for digital innovation success
4_boxes_with text_digital_ready
The Digital Ready Model consists of four pillars that we believe are important to cover when working for Digital Innovation. And they are...