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CTA_hs_white_puppet_you_have_got_containers_infobrief.jpgYou’ve Got Containers. Now What? (Puppet)

Containers Are Catalysts for Business and IT Change and reduce existing process and workflow complexity, improve IT staff productivity, optimize total cost of ownership and speed up digital transformation.

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CTA_hs_white_wso2_pragmatic_approach_api_strategy_whitepaper.jpgA Pragmatic Approach to Rock Your API Strategy (WSO2)

What should companies be looking for in order to have a successful API strategy? We understand that an API initiative must include the following phases:

  • Validate the impact in the core business
  • Qualify the key criterias (technology partner, success and even failure)
  • Define a short and agile sprint/delivery based on a MVP and MVA. Download now


For most organizations ‘Application Programming Interfaces’ mean exactly what the name implies: a means in which a functionality of an information system can be exposed to an external set of routines, protocols, system. Modern day APIs have come to be the way they are through a process of technological evolution of the mechanism in which monolithic systems are integrated with one another, pushed by a desire for atomicity, compatibility and agility. A journey that has gone through technologies such as remote procedure calls, web services, REST and its latest incarnation, the microservice.
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CTA_hs_white_puppet_devops_rest_us_guide.jpgGeek Guide - DevOps for the Rest of Us (Puppet)

DevOps is about changing how you think about work first and changing how you work second. Organizations that create software—or customize off-the-shelf software to suit their needs—have evolved to do that task as well as possible, and there’s a lot at stake when contemplating even the smallest change. But before you set out to change what you do, you have to think about how you do it. Without that self-reflection, you won’t convince your team, your peers, your bosses or yourself that it will be sustainable. Download now


CTA_hs_white_original_wso2_api_tech_eval_framework_whitepaper.jpgAPI Management Platform Technical Evaluation Framework (WSO2)

APIs establish the digital business core. APIs define your business data, processes, and capabilities that can be consumed across internal projects and external communities. In an increasingly connected world, APIs are your core business product; exposing your valuable services across customer, partner, and supplier channels.

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CTA_hs_white_wso2_open_banking_whitepaper.jpgDigital Transformation Through PSD2 and Open Banking WSO2)

PSD2 is meant to shake the dynamics of the banking industry and pave the way to a new model of open banking. Any bank that embraces PSD2 as a stepping stone to the world of open banking, can reap the benefits of becoming a digital bank that caters to the data driven customer. These digital banks will provide new digital products and services, thereby adding new revenue streams and capturing market share from banks that failed to embrace digital transformation. We have identified 5 key areas that will be impacted by the new model of open banking. Download now



The top six microservices patterns (MuleSoft)

Trying to adapt to a microservices architecture needs to be done pragmatically, in a way that makes sense for your organization.  You can adopt microservices in a way that meshes with your goals and your own organization. Instead of adopting microservices as a singular approach — which would defy the point of the architecture — we propose considering microservices as a series of overlapping patterns which you can pick and choose to adopt depending on your own situation. There’s no need to adopt every aspect of microservices all at once; it can be adopted in a pragmatic way in a manner that makes sense for you. Download now


CTA_hs_white_wso2_devices_forefront_digital_transformation_whitepaper.jpgDevices - At the Forefront of Your Digital Transformation Journey (WSO2)

Devices can be broadly categorized into two main buckets, i.e. mobile devices and other devices with capabilities that go beyond just a phone. It’s a common misconception to consider mobile devices as a separate set of devices; however, the mobile device has transformed over the years to offer or combine other capabilities (e.g. smartwatch). And then there are other devices or rest of the things (Internet of Things) that are being incorporated by enterprises to support their digital transformation efforts. Download now


CTA_hs_white_original_red_hat_accenture_api_desig_whitepaper.jpgAPI design best practices (MuleSoft)

While it is true, that there are many similarities when designing applications to use lightweight APIs and using more traditional approaches, there are some unique differences. This white paper is intended help developers and application architects understand some of these differences and to help them take advantage of the benefits of these technologies.

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CTA_hs_white_original_mule_principles_microservices_whitepaper.jpgPrinciples of microservice security (MuleSoft)

The goals of information security can be most effectively met through the application of security design principles. In this whitepaper we use security design principles to guide you in the design of the microservices, how they are implemented, and how and where they are deployed. Given that most of the complexity of microservice security exists within the multiplicity of frameworks, protocols, and standards that abound, we avoid prolonged discussion about potential solutions and are very prescriptive in our recommendations.
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Best practises for microservices - implementing a foundation for continuous innovation (MuleSoft)

Organizations that have successfully laid a foundation for continuous innovation and agility have adopted microservice architectures to respond rapidly to the demands of the business.

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API's and Devops: Great alone, better together (MuleSoft)

DevOps has emerged as a practice that focuses on minimal disruption and maximum reliability; faster time to market is also an artifact of automated release processes that DevOps enables.However, DevOps is a profound shift in IT culture, a shift the demands a rethink on IT processes, technology, and the way people work. Are you ready for it?

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CTA_hs_white_devops_guide.jpgAre you Devops ready? The comprehensive guide

The digitalisation will require a decreased ”Time-to-market” for new ideas. IT turnaround on deliveries will have to go from months to days and if IT can’t adopt, business will look for other solutions. 

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Make the organizations internal and external information available
in order to increase transparence, beneficence and speed of interaction internally, with customers and other organizations. This must happen within an ecosystem that is capable of delivering IT solutions in an ever increasing speed. 

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Enterprises today are faced with a dramatic challenge; there are billions of people connected to the Internet, they are using millions of applications, and the number of connected devices continues to soar. The real challenge is to ensure all of these are useful and productive for an organization or an individual. 

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Are you API-ready? GuideAPI Ready Guide

API and connectivity will be key factors to drive the digital enterprise. APIs will enable a connected business and generate new business opportunities. APIs will give you access to IoT. Successful development and maintenance of your APIs will create new business opportunities, if you fail you may be left behind. So the question is - are you API ready?

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CTA_hs_alfresco_checklist7 tips for smarter document management 

How much do you waste on recreating and searching for existing material? IDC's study in which they investigated the 'knowledge worker shortfall', drew the conclusion that the cost of intellectual revision and difficulties finding knowledge-based resources was 5 000 dollars per year and employee.

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CTA_hs_OS_myths_top_list_engMyths, Open Source and the journey to getting it right - Debunking 10 misconceptions about Open Source. 

We like to challenge the ideas and opinions regarding Open Source Software. Open Source grows quickly and studies like The Future of Open Source 2015 by Black Duck shows that 78% of the respondents believed their companies to run part or all of its operations on Open Source Software. That’s a lot of Open Source. 
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The Importance of Records Management within a Governance, Retention and Compliance Strategy (Alfresco)

Discover how an Open Source Records Management solution can help to ensure compliance with corporate Governance, Retention and Compliance procedures.

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Top 3 Considerations for Integrating Hybrid Environments (MuleSoft)

In this paper we’ll discuss how enterprises can connect legacy systems to the cloud to create a hybrid ecosystem. We’ll learn how solutions like enterprise service buses (ESB), integration platforms as a service (iPaaS), and modern middleware can address both the integration challenges of the present and help IT executives futureproof their companies. The best practices covered in this paper will help businesses with both evaluation and implementation of a successful hybrid integration strategy. Download now



Secrets of a Great API (Mulesoft)

APIs are not new. They’ve served as interfaces that enable applications to communicate with each other for decades. But the role of APIs has changed dramatically in the last few years. Innovative companies have discovered that APIs can be used as an interface to the business, allowing them to monetize digital assets, extend their value proposition with partner-delivered capabilities, and connect to customers across channels and devices. 
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